Delcreda North America

Delcreda GMBH is a highly specialized international group offering risk management services. In November 2016 Delcreda expanded their services to the USA. Our specialized staff and partners are ready to support you in The USA, Canada, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia with currently 25 specialists.

Ivo Eterovic HON EFIAP

Bio je član Saveza likovnih umetnika primenjenih umetnosti Jugoslavije (SLUPUJ) i Srbije (ULUPUDS). Od 1966. godine nosilac je najvišeg jugoslovenskog zvanja Majstor fotografije Foto-saveza Jugoslavije (FSJ) i međunarodnog najvišeg zvanja Honoraire Exellence FIAP (Hon EFIAP) od 1967. (počasna ekselencija Medjunarodne organizacije za umetničku fotografiju). Ivo Eterović je jedini nosilac ovog zvanja u svojoj zemlji.

Tony Mirrcandani

Movie & Theatre Actor, Voice Over Artiste

Tony Mirrcandani. An actor with a huge presence. Upscale, erudite.
A voice you will remember for years. Versatile. Pitch him against the world’s biggest stars and he will hold his own.

He is your academician, your older romantic hero, your multi-tiered villain. And, very surprisingly, your comic relief.

Tennis school and tennis club Dril is one of the most successful academies for young players in Serbia. Current best players in categories U12, U14, U16 and U18 are students of Dril tennis academy.


Delcreda is a highly specialized international group offering risk management services. It was founded by the trade credit insurance specialists Andreas Steinborn and Thomas Bölinger in 2012 offering services in Germany and the Russian Federation. In November 2014 Delcreda expanded their services to the Balkan/Adriatic region.

Our specialized staff and partners are ready to support you in Germany, Russia, Mongolia, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and the USA with currently a total of 12 specialists.

Andrea Devetak

Andrea Devetak was born on April 9th 1981 in London, Great Britain. She graduated illustration in 2004, Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC. She studied and created art in New York City for eight years.

Afeja Pediatric

Afeja is one of the leading pediatric clinics in Belgrade. Specialized in treating babies, toddlers, and younger school children.


KNTD is leading non-government organization whose goal is protecting children from the influence of bad television programming namely reality shows with inappropriate conduct and narcotics.